Monday, April 29, 2013

Cold Spring Wordle 106

And then came March,
cold and thinly veiled
with damp mist.
I saw the rare birds return
and shiver on the lines
waiting for Spring.
The harrowing began
Vast vistas of brown corduroy,
with egrets in the wake
of tractors, finding grubs.
The wind, a transparent knife
cut through to the marrow.
I guess this is either
climate change,
or Earth's oath to us
for borrowing her mantle
and wearing it too thin.

Thin, marrow, oath, borrow, saw, march, harrowing, guess, grubs, transparent, either, rare.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

News from Nowhere - Wordle 105

I am hardening,
building up
a resilience to shock.
Every bomb
a conspiracy.
Every struggle
My sympathies
are all spent.

I thrive on the promise
that the land provides
and under the shelter
of fig trees, newly leafed,
I feel joy and hope arise.
The nearest I get to war
is the fight against goats -
the infidels in my war of attrition.

And for now, there is peace.
They have been sold,
shipped off
to pastures new.
I replant and re-fence
in confidence.

(Shipped, against, shock, shelter, struggle, promise, thrive, infidels, harden, land, bomb, spent, resilience.)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Becoming One

There is unity
in the global village
that technology

I sit
The mantra I sing
is one
that activates

I project myself
on an inquisitive
inter-stellar journey.
It's delicious.

It urges me further,
until I am one,
merged with the universe,
a smudge
on the big screen.

Sing, technology, smudge, project, urge, unity, stellar, mantra, merge, inquisitive, activate, delicious

Monday, April 1, 2013

Wordle 102 Bits and Pieces

Staff of life
she said
as she broke the baguette
Stone the crows.
Watch them
caw and soar
Moon shine and music
set the mood.
Dawn breaks
Calls are free
if you are
but not spoken.
White noise
Peak rates
of use
After the flood
what was there
but mud?
Petals open.
The jewel
with promise.
Spit it
Locks of hair
no key
but not

(Staff, stone, moon, calls, written, peak, after, petals, powders, pit, locks, lost )